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Memory Foam Mattress with waterproof Cover 98cm x10cm  Cave Bed with Teddy fur interior grey. 

Please Note! Before ordering any of our beds from outside of the UK please message us.   


Memory Foam Mattress Cave Beds 

No More Flat Beds - Memory Foam Lasts For Years! For a real touch of Pure Luxury why not treat your paws family to one of our 10cm deep Memory Foam Cave Beds.

These cave beds really help those members of your paws family that suffer with getting comfortable and have aches and pains or who are recovering from a major operation and need to be pampered that little bit more.​  

The use of memory foam is great for your paws family who are recovering from illness, arthritic, overweight, elderly, who suffer joint or muscular pain, or who simply like the best sleep ever.

Memory foam is temperature and pressure sensitive, hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant.

Memory Foam dog beds provide orthopedic and anatomical support.

When it comes to the health of your paws families bones and joints, one of the best types of beds for dogs is the orthopedic bed.

The value of a dog bed lies in how effectively the bed supports your dog’s body.​No More Flat Beds - Memory Foam Lasts For Years! 

There is a waterproof cover over the memory foam mattress, which can be zipped off for washing. 

Our Beautiful Deluxe Cave Beds help your dog feel secure by having its own place to get away from it all whilst enjoying the warmth and comfort of their own bed and not yours.

Fabrics were personally hand chosen by us.

The beautiful luxury upholstery on our beds is high quality the internal Teddy fabric is soft, hardwearing, and works well anywhere in a modern or traditional home.

These cave beds have a padded hood for those dogs that like to hide away from drafts and keep warm.

The padded hood contains an arc for support and is used as an aid to help your paws family get into the bed and can be left out if not required so the hood becomes a blanket.

The arc and memory foam mattress must be removed via zips before washing the cover which is machine washable at 30c 600 spin speed light-medium spin only.

The arc and memory foam mattress can be reinserted after the cover is dry. 

** Please note! the arc in the hood will need reshaping as with use it will get distorted and it will not hold the hood up permanently, these beds are not igloos where it stays in shape permanently. 


Available in 2 sizes


98cm approx  Suitable for Whippets, Cockapoos, Cocker Spaniels, Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs. Cockapoos, Cocker Spaniels, Bedlington Whippets, Bedlington.


110cm approx  Suitable for Greyhounds, Large Whippets, Vizslas, Weimaraners, Gsp, Pointers, Dobermans, Springer spaniels.

Also suitable for those paws family that like to share or just like more space to stretch.

NOTE! We do not recommend memory foam mattresses for those members of your paws family that like to dig their beds up. 



SHIPPING will generally be within a working day from ordering except on Bank Holidays and weekends for all orders placed before 10pm

Please Message us before ordering for all UK Islands and Highlands for shipping costs.

If your unsure of sizing please ask.

Message us on our fb page


Shipping to Mainland UK only! will be added at the basket.

* Returns are at the customer’s expense within 14 days of purchase. ​

The item will be refunded minus ship​ping costs upon return to us in New and Unused Condition. 

Memory Foam Mattress Cave Bed 98cm x 10cm Grey

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